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We are Linsey, Adrianna, Marinda and Erin, your midwives



Linsey Kornya, CPM, LM

In 2005, I gave birth to my first baby at home, in a blue blow-up kiddie pool. It was an amazing experience, and I felt a sense of empowerment, pride and strength that helped carry me through those first few difficult months of new motherhood. At the time, there were very few options for out of hospital birth in the St. Louis area, and, being full of the hubris of youth, I decided to help change that.... read more about Linsey


Adrianna Ross, CPM, LM

I found out I was pregnant while young, wild and living across the country.  Unaware of available resources and being the first in my social circle to become pregnant, I did what I was told and visited an OBGYN.  Five doctors later and countless visits, I walked away from each appointment feeling dismissed and disrespected.  I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but there had to be something else!  Read more about Adrianna...


Marinda Shindler

My interest in Midwifery began after the birth of my son in 1995. My hospital birth experience left me feeling like I had missed out on an important and intimate aspect of birthing my son. When my son was two, we started thinking about having more children. I started researching my birth options and realized that midwifery care could have provided me with the respectful, holistic, collaborative birth experience I had missed. As I learned more about certified professional midwives (CPMs) and out-of-hospital birth, I felt called to the midwifery path..... read more about Marinda


Erin Parish-Gibson, CNM

My love of birth and women’s health began in 2000 when I was a nursing student, full of plans to work in the ER or on a medical helicopter team- something high adrenaline. During my rotation to the OB ward, I was lucky enough to see my cousin give birth and something just “clicked.” Here was all the excitement I craved, only with a happy ending! I was hooked and immediately after graduation began working as a Labor and Delivery nurse. It was there that I first encountered midwives...... read more about Erin