Hello baby.

Postpartum care is, in some ways, the most important aspect of midwifery.  Midwives support the new family for six weeks following birth through several visits, phone calls and referrals. 

Visits are frequent, sometimes long and unpredictable, like newborns, like the needs of postpartum families.  We know that, especially for the first baby, frequent support the first week can set the stage for future breastfeeding success and ease the new family in to this new phase more smoothly.  

Whether you have your baby at our birth center, at home or even if you transfer to the hospital, this is what postpartum care looks like with River City Midwifery:

  • at least two postpartum visits the first week with the midwives

  • one visit with pediatrician Dr. West

  • three additional office postpartum visits with the midwives

  • timely referrals for breastfeeding and postpartum mood issues

  • support groups

  • phone and email support

  • postpartum visits include skilled breastfeeding assistance, weight and jaundice checks for baby and monitoring the mother's healing and transition.

  • postpartum visits include the newborn metabolic and CCHD screening for baby