Well Person Care Extravaganza!

Its pap time! 10/08/18

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Many of our friends, clients and family members are not getting pap smears regularly.  We are not getting screened regularly.  It is easy to forget, or put it off. When the CDC changed the guidelines for most people to screen every 3 years instead of every year (yay!) it became even easier to put it off until the next visit.

Sometimes people get pap smears at the beginning of pregnancy care, but midwives often want to wait since those early tests have a higher false positive rate and are uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s just nice for those early appointments to be about building a relationship before more invasive procedures. Paps sometimes happen at the end of pregnancy care, but are not included in maternity billing so it is easy to put those off as well.  

Sometimes we avoid pap smears because we have had experiences that make them difficult.

Sometimes those experiences have been with providers.

Sometimes other things have happened in our lives that make pelvic exams hard.  

Some of us have experiences with provider bias.

On the best day, pelvic exams are NOT FUN.

We get it!

Yours truly (Linsey) had a very traumatic experience with a physician 20 years ago. I went nearly 10 years without a pap smear. Prior to this year, my last pap was in midwifery school when we practiced on each other. I am happy to say, however, that my pap a couple months ago with our very own Erin Parish-Gibson was great.

So, we were inspired to start our first annual event - a low key, low-cost, low stress well-person day!  This day only we are offering pap smears *at our cost*. If you can’t afford that, let us know and we will figure it out.  JUST COME ON IN! Of course we offer all of these services every month, but this is a low cost, fun (as fun as we can make it!) event.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you. We will have chocolate, tea, mimosas for adults and snacks and toys for kiddos. All four midwives will be here to help with your kids and chat with you.

Call us at 804-601-6992 or email rivercitybirthcenter@gmail.com.  Or you know where to find us on social media.  

Here are more details:

  • Pap smear/HPV at cost $30.00 NO STIRRUPS

  • Birth Control consult $15.00

  • IUD removal - free

  • IUD consults and insertions (let us know in advance, this is priced out per device and can go through insurance)

  • Herbal Consults $20.00

  • STI testing at cost (inquire about specifics)


Door Prizes!  Tea and Coffee! Mimosas!  Chocolate! Music! Kid friendly! No Stirrups!