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Doulas at River City Midwifery

We love birth doulas!  Doulas provide emotional, physical and educational support to expecting families. Doulas can be an important part of the out of hospital team. We love doulas so much, we offer families a discount for hiring one!  Contact us for a personalized recommendation based on your needs.  

We also love postpartum doulas! Richmond is lucky to have a thriving postpartum doula community.  Postpartum doulas provide a flexible array of services postpartum including breastfeeding support, light house-work, sleep support and meal prep. 

For out of hospital clients, we recommend our trained immediate postpartum doula.  Our postpartum doula comes to your home right as we are leaving or when you get home from the birth center.  She will help you adjust to those first few hours by holding the baby while you sleep, helping you get to the bathroom, helping to initiate breastfeeding and more.  Contact us for more information!