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Throughout her career, Dr. West recognized a common thread among families who were struggling with balancing the responsibilities newborns demand and the exhaustion they create. After obtaining her MBA, Dr. West started RVA Baby to provide them a better experience by offering medical services in the comfort of their own home.

At River City Midwifery, Dr. West works closely with clients and midwives to provide excellent care and timely referrals for babies. She visits each baby at home after the birth, usually around one week, is available for problem consults, and can help facilitate home care for issues like jaundice, or admit to the hospital for more serious issues. Collaboration is a cornerstone of care at River City Midwifery, and we are thrilled to work with Dr. West and RVA baby!

When she’s not working with clients, Dr. West loves spending time watching her twins perform for the Richmond Ballet and Virginia Symphony, reading and listening to podcasts, and spending time with her oldest child and her new grandchild.