International Birth

We are honored to assist our international clients. We have experience working with clients from from Nigeria, China, countries in the Middle East and Latin America. We welcome you, your family and your baby with open arms.

The experience for International Clients

Care at the birth center includes prenatal care, labor and birth care with two licensed midwives and a registered nurse. Two world class hospitals are within a few minutes of the birth center if there are complications. Our care also includes postpartum care for you and baby while you remain in the US for up to 6 weeks. We will expedite your birth certificate and provide you with the necessary documents to return to your home. While it is great if you are able to come in to care in early pregnancy, we understand this is not possible for many people. For clients unable to come to the US until the 3rd trimester, we offer a special rate. We simply need your prenatal records prior to your arrival. Ask us about accommodations your stay. Nosotros puede hablar un poco de español.

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Travel Midwifery

As a practice of three midwives, we are able to, and very happy to, travel for births. If you are living in a country with limited out of hospital options, contact us to discuss travel midwifery!

The experience of Travel Midwifery

We stay in contact with you throughout your pregnancy and come to you 2 weeks before your due date. We stay for 2 weeks or so after the birth. Travel midwifery clients are responsible for our transportation and accommodations. Contact us for more information!