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When my son was two, we started thinking about having more children. I started researching my birth options and realized that midwifery care could have provided me with the respectful, holistic, collaborative birth experience I had missed. As I learned more about certified professional midwives (CPMs) and out-of-hospital birth, I felt called to the midwifery path.

I began to read everything I could about midwifery and home birth. I quickly realized that I was meant to do this work. At the time, CPMs were not licensed in Virginia so I put off pursuing midwifery for several years while focusing on raising my son.

In 2005 when the CPM credential was licensed in Virginia, I began looking for apprenticeship opportunities in my area. In 2009 I started midwifery school and joined an active local study group. I began actively apprenticing in 2010 and have been continuously attending births as a doula, apprentice and assistant midwife since. I've worked with several midwives as an apprentice and an assistant in 3 home birth practices and 2 birth centers across VA over the last 8 years. I have attended around 200 births. In 2018 I received my CPM and am a Licensed Midwife in Virginia.  

I love the flexibility and personalized care of a small home birth practice and I have also enjoyed my time working in busy birth centers. Both models offer great alternatives to typical US maternity care. I believe a small birth center with a core of committed midwives preserves the intimate, comprehensive care of a home birth practice while creating opportunity to serve a a more diverse population. With our proximity to EMS, several excellent hospitals and advanced skills and easy access to higher level medical practitioners, our birth center will thread the needle of access and intimacy.