More about Adrianna Ross, CPM, LM


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Around the fifth month of pregnancy I moved back to Richmond and on a chance encounter at work, while describing my desire for something different, I was handed the number of a beloved midwife.  From that moment forward my life was changed. 

Giving birth to my son at home several months later, I emerged feeling strong, confident, respected and loved.  I needed that.  Postpartum was hard for various reasons but I kept coming back to my amazing birth experience.  After that transformative experience, I felt driven to help others in childbirth, especially those without partner support or lack of resources. 

I practiced as a doula for ten years, always knowing, wanting and waiting for the right time to pursue midwifery.  In 2010 this dream became a reality.  My entire family, including husband, two kids and an 80 lb amstaff moved on top of a mountain in Vermont and lived in an airstream travel trailer so that I could apprentice with a highly respected midwife and herbalist. 

For the next five years Vermont was our home.  We built an off grid cabin, homesteaded, raised livestock and tended gardens.  From 2010-2014 I worked hard to complete my midwifery training.  This included traveling with my youngest to a high volume birth center in Utah. I often had him strapped to my back while catching babies.  Overall, my training was varied and extensive.  I studied under eight different care providers from physicians to direct entry midwives across six different states. 

In 2014 I was certified by the North American Registry of Midwives as a Certified Professional Midwife.  In 2015 my family moved back home to Richmond, where I have had the pleasure of working in both home and birth center practices as a licensed midwife. During this time I also completed my clinical herbalist degree with David Winston and deeply value the relationship of plant medicine and midwifery. River City Midwifery is the culmination of all these experiences. Thank you for reading my story, I look forward to hearing yours.