Navigating insurance, deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance or cash fees during pregnancy can be confusing and expensive. When people are young and healthy, sometimes pregnancy is the first time they have to deal with major medical expenses. Typically, when seeing a hospital based provider, people with private insurance don't pay much up front, and may be billed after the birth for fees insurance didn't cover. Unfortunately, providers and patients don’t know how much any given procedure is going to cost or what the final bill will be. An uncomplicated vaginal birth at the hospital, including professional fees, can range between 15 and 50 thousand dollars - quite a range! What your insurance company covers is usually not known until the bills start rolling in.

Although insurance can be tricky with birth centers and home birth, we aim to simplify the process.  We are out of network with private insurance companies, including MCOs. Often we can get an in-network exception. If you are looking at your health insurance options with an eye toward a future birth in a birth center or at home, contact us for tips on choosing the best plan!


Our self-pay fee for birth center or home birth care is 4500.00.  This fee covers all of our care including 6 weeks of postpartum care with the midwives and a pediatrician. Discounts are available for families with an experienced community doula, families who have already had an out of hospital birth and for people with financial need.  Please contact us for more information.  


For people who have private insurance, we will verify your benefits and proceed from there.  People often have plans with deductibles that exceed our fees.  Sometimes the deductible is low and the coverage is good. In that case, great!  Please contact us with any of your insurance and billing questions. We work with Larsen Billing on insurance claims.

Humana/Tri-care is consistent enough with coverage that we offer an out-of-pocket discount for tri-care folks so that you do not have to wait for reimbursement to re-coup some of your costs.






We do accept certain kinds of medicaid.  If you are considering working with us, please contact us about medicaid options as soon as you can, as the timing and type of medicaid enrollment effects coverage for birth center births.